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Kristen Walker

Hi JoAnn! Thanks for this update. I’m glad to hear that you’ve had the opportunity to work from home, like you’ve always wanted to. And in a way, it’s very clarifying to realize that working from home hasn’t made you like your job any more.

It sounds like, while you appreciate a LOT of things about your job (the stability, the flexibility, the people, etc.), you’re just never going to enjoy the actual work. And if you decide that’s a dealbreaker, that’s OK! Feeling bored by your work (to the point that you’re fighting sleep during the day!) is very draining, and that just might not be sustainable much longer for you.

I would spend 15-20 min a day exploring other work-from-home jobs, and just see what’s out there. You don’t have to apply for anything yet, if you’re not ready for that step. But it might be eye-opening to see what else is out there! You might be surprised to find that there are several things you could do that would be more interesting. Plus, there are LOTS more remote-work jobs now — not only did many jobs become remote because of COVID, but several of them have stayed remote. So even if you’ve looked for work-from-home jobs in the past, you might be surprised to see how many more options are available now.

Hopefully seeing other possibilities will make you feel hopeful that you CAN find work that’s more interesting, without giving up your freedom of working at home, on your own schedule.