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Kristen Walker

Hey Amy! No kidding, it’s been a wild and strange few months, hasn’t it? And I don’t think any of us could have predicted just how much everything in the PPVE would be needed (and tested!) when we were wrapping up the course a few months ago. I’m glad that your CDFs have proven so useful in your job search, especially in the middle of this pandemic. And it’s cool that you’ve found multiple jobs that feel like 9s!

Great question about how to explain in an interview why you’re looking for a new job right now, and why you’re leaving your current job. I have a couple of thoughts:

— First, I think you could answer with a version of what we describe in the “What to ask in an interview” worksheet in the Dream Job Bundle. Essentially, you could share a couple of your values and say you’re looking for work that better aligns with those values. That way, your answer focuses more on what you’re moving toward vs. what you’re moving away from.

— Also, I think you can very much lean on the COVID crisis, at least in terms of “why now.” You already mentioned how working during a pandemic has given you a lot of insight into what you do/don’t want job-wise, so a lot of clarity has come out of this. Plus, when life is shaken up in such a dramatic way, it’s only natural to start asking yourself the big, existential questions like, “Am I living my purpose?” and “Does my current life/career still fit me?” and “What changes do I want to make?” And your answers to those questions have led you to the kinds of jobs you’re applying for now. I think that’s a very compelling story to tell in an interview!

I hope that’s helpful! I’d love to hear how your future interviews go. 🙂