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Amy M

Hey all! These last few months have been pretty challenging, yet eye opening. Weird to have gone through all of these changes right at the cusp of finishing up the PPVE! Definitely has given me some perspective about what I don’t want out of a life and a job. (i.e. I LOVE working from home!!). During this time I have started searching for jobs that fit more of my core values and not just my title or degree. I came across 3 jobs that would definitely be 9s! I applied to one of them and even got an interview, but I didn’t get it unfortunately because another candidate had more experience/better credentials. Anyway, there are two more jobs I’ve been considering applying for (both of which do require my degree, but are not the same kind of work or working environment that I’ve been in for the last 12 years as an SLP in Special Education. One is even a remote position! Anyway…all this to say, when I had my last interview I was asked “Why are looking for a new job at this time?”. All I could think of was “I’m SO burnt out!” NOT a good answer I know, I think I ended up elaborating on how my interests have grown over the past few years and blah blah blah. I honestly don’t remember, but I’d like to be more prepared if this question comes up in another interview. What is a thoughtful response for this question when looking at a job that is VERY different from your current job and all of your past experiences?