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Rachel East

Hey Joann,

It’s definitely been a wild 4 months! So, I’m going to turn this back into a question directed your way: The last time you reached out, you said, “Even though it is not my passion, it is an ideal situation for me especially being an introvert, I love staying home and I workout at home too! I know they say that it is important to have that social connection but I am completely content with just my husband and my dog, lol. I will definitely continue working on the program and see what else I can discover about myself but for now I am finally happy the way things are and it is because I was able to come home and work.” It sounded like you’d gotten to a place of Thriver satisfaction–realizing that, as a Thriver, it was OK to not love your job. That your job can provide important things to you (financial security, predictability, comfort) and that, with a foundation of stability, the rest of your life can be an exploration of what you’re passionate about. So, it seems like in the last 4 months that perspective has eroded. What do you think happened?

P.S. Just want to be super honest and say that, as a coach, there are a lot of limitations to helping someone get to the root of what’s really eating at them in this setting. Kristen and I can do our best to offer support and answer questions and give you new things to chew on, but 1:1 coaching is where we really get to the root of chronic issues with people. And I suspect you’d benefit a lot from that kind of deeper, more personal experience!