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Kristen Walker

Hi JoAnn! Thanks for this update!

I’m glad you’re realizing just how much you enjoy working from home. This pandemic has been very clarifying for things like that! It’s making it more obvious to all of us how we prefer to work, and that’s info that will serve us long after it’s over.

It sounds to me like this job is hitting on a lot of your Thriver values: good company, good pay, flexibility, the ability to work from now, and liking the people you work with. The work itself isn’t very exciting to you, and it can be a bit complicated, but as you said, you’re still quite new to this field and still learning, which is normal. So eventually it will seem less complicated as well.

My take is that, based on what you said you’re most interested in right now — “I’m not looking for a career perse, just a way to make money to live and fund my life after work at this point in my life” — this seems to be fitting that description, for now at least. I would absolutely suggest that you keep your eyes/ears open for other possibilities that might become available that offer similar benefits for more interesting work, but it doesn’t sound like you’re desperate to leave this ASAP because it’s mostly working well for the Thriver part of you.

That said, I do think that when you’re getting a lot of needs met from your job, but not all, then it’s especially important to get those needs met outside of work. For example, if work is giving you stability, freedom, and reliable income, but not stimulation and excitement, it’s even more important to get stimulation and excitement in other areas of your life to balance it out.

Hope that helps! Glad to hear you’re faring OK during this pandemic!