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Kristen Walker

Stacey — WOW, you’re right, I DO love that story so much, for multiple reasons!

1) The option that felt like the “financially safer” choice is the one that dissolved as soon as there was a crisis — so much for safety, right? (Proof that our limiting beliefs aren’t always accurate!)

And 2) you were already leaning toward the option that aligned better with your CDFs and your desire to work more on your business, and then the universe validated that choice by literally removing the other option altogether. I love when the universe doesn’t mess around and makes things abundantly clear like that!

Also, kudos for getting and starting a new job during this pandemic and proving that yes, people ARE still hiring right now. I know a lot of my clients feel like they have to completely give up the job search right now, so it’s great to see an example of someone starting a new role even in the midst of all this chaos.

Thanks so much for sharing, and congrats on this job that seems like a great fit all around!! Stay safe out there and enjoy the new job. 🙂