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Kristen and Rachel,

I waited to write about this until it was more definite, but I think you’ll like this story.

After a very slow couple of quarters I had two opportunities come through at the same time, option 1 is exactly what I’ve been looking for for a while and would allow me to continue to work on my business but it’s financially riskier, option 2 seemed more financially secure but would occupy more of my time and was more likely to take my focus away from my business. I applied for option 2 as more of a back-up option when nothing else seemed to be working out.

When both offers came in at about the same time I was pretty torn. Option 2 seemed a lot safer with covid-19 gearing up and financial uncertainty everywhere, but option 1 was ideal for focusing on my business. I was leaning towards option 1, but worried it was the wrong financial decision.

And then…the “financially safer” Option 2 (with an academic institution) instituted an indefinite hiring freeze, but Option 1 (in the healthcare space) is still a go and I started today after signing the contract last week.

So it looks like the universe has decided…