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Hi Girls,
I have to be honest in that I haven’t been working on the program lately but it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been thinking about all the information I listened to in the videos. It has made me think about alot things differently. First of all with being a Thriver I feel like I will probably never find the “perfect job” because my passion is something that I want to keep as my passion. I tried making it my career and it didn’t work out. However I stayed in same industry (HealthCare) and I am goign to try and make this work. I have changed oragnizations which helped alot in that the one I am working for is a better match for me and my values. The worst thing about the job I have right now is that I am sitting in front of a computer all day and I am the type of person that likes to be moving and staying fit. I wanted to be in the Health and Fitness field originally, that is my passion. But that isn’t the perfect field either. I would have to work weekends, nights and whenever they would need me and I was not willing to do that. I like my 6-2:30 M-F no weekends job. With recent events of being Quarantined I had the opportunity to work from home nad I am loving it! I even like my job better! I can schedule my own day and I am in control of my time. It is exactly what I wanted and what I was working towards. I feel very fortunate especially with the way things are going today. I have the security of job and health insurance and hopefully a retirement. Even though it is not my passion, it is an ideal situation for me especially being an introvert, I love staying home and I workout at home too! I know they say that it is important to have that social connection but I am completely content with just my husband and my dog,lol. I will definitely continue working on the program and see what else I can discover about myself but for now I am finally happy the way things are and it is because I was able to come home and work. I think my GAIL of thinking that i have to be good at everything I do is what causes me problems. I feel like if I don’t get things right away that maybe it’s not for me or I’m worried that I am going to be let go for not being good enough. I want to be good and learn all I can about my job but I that comes with experience and I don’t give myself time for learning I think. Anyway thanks for this program it has really been an eye openeer for me and I love your podcasts too. Any thoughts or suggestions for me would be greatly appreciated. I was also wondering if we are still avle to email you in the futre if we have a question about anything? Have a great weekend and stay safe:)