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I hope everyone is safe and surviving! Something has come up for me this week, and I felt it pertinent, as I go through Week 4 and have been prepping for the slowdown of work. I still have work but it has slowed to a crawl. This week I have been working to prepare a schedule for slow work times and for possible work from home situation. I can’t work remote, there would be nothing for me to do, so essentially if it comes to it, they would pay me to sit at home. I am already seeing an abundance of free time. I am not great at it, but I am trying to set up my calendar to make sure that I am productive and getting to things like PPVE work or further self development, or doing job research. My problem is, I can fall into the trap of feeling I have so much I can do, that I do nothing, and end up scrolling mindlessly or doing something that is not a valuable use of my time. I mean I do want to leave this job so now is the perfect time to get prepared. I was beating myself up about it today. This could be tied to some GAIL, but I can’t really figure it out. Could it be I believe I am bad at managing my time? Or am I facing my gremlin, that wants me to continue being unproductive. Or is a transition to a more remote/ free schedule just an incredibly difficult transition to make? I know many around the country are quarantined and may be going through this same change. I am a type 6, so I do love structure and I know if I write out a schedule on the calendar I most likely will follow it. But I am playing the scenario, that it is just too tedious, and maybe I will get overwhelmed. Building a routine to focus on my priorities has been something I have wanted to implement, and now that I have the time it seems harder.