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Kristen Walker

Hi Sacha! I’m going to respond to both of your messages here. 🙂

First of all, I’m so glad you’re loving the group dynamic! It’s so validating to feel like there’s a whole group of people who “gets you” and feels the same about a lot of things, right? I’m glad you’re getting your CDF of “connection” met in-part through this group!

I agree that you’re probably mostly a Thriver, based on a lot of what you described, but there is that small Side-Hustler part of you that loves ideas and possibilities and variety. So it’s important to make sure both of those sides of yourself are getting nurtured! When you’re *mostly* one Profile (for you, that’s Thriver), it’s sometimes easy to ignore your secondary profile. But now that you recognize that you have a splash of Side Hustler, you can make sure that part of you has some ways to express itself.

I love that you’re been re-establishing your own, new relationship with your money since the separation from your husband. It sounds like you’re already using your money in ways that align with your CDFs and that feel good to you, so kudos on that! And I really, really like the way you defined “wealth” to you — and especially how you took it to the next level and considered how much you’re acting on each part of that definition. You had way more +’s and 1/2’s than -‘s, so that’s awesome! Just a couple of categories to shift your attention to, but a lot of it is maintenance or slight tweaks.

OK, and I freaking LOVE this concept of the “anti-GAIL” that you described! My first instinct is to want to call it your Higher Self, because that loving, supportive, helpful voice is the REAL you, finally breaking through all of the GAILs. You could also call it your “Kind Self” or your “Inner Cheerleader” or anything that makes you smile. But keep in mind, that’s not really a separate voice — that’s just the true YOU finally getting a word in edgewise. Isn’t it such a beautiful feeling?? I’m so, so happy you’re starting to hear and appreciate that voice. And you’re VERY wise to want to give more of your attention to that, vs. to your gremlin.

Love this update! Thanks for sharing. 🙂