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Kristen Walker

Hey Dave,

First of all, I really want to applaud your willingness to “dig deep” into your GAILs. I know it’s not the most fun way to start a program like this, but it’s so powerful to shine a big ol’ spotlight on the beliefs that are most holding us back. Because until you acknowledge what those deep fears are, you can’t overcome them, so you’ll just stay stuck.

It’s totally normal that your gremlin was like, “Whoa, hold up, don’t look over here!” But it shows a lot of inner strength that you kept digging and facing all of your GAILs head-on … and even posted a couple of gremlin dialogues here! Which were so great, BTW. I love how you acknowledged what the gremlin was saying, but didn’t take it *too* seriously and kept responding from a place of understanding, reassurance, and encouragement. Such great practice for responding in a much more productive, calming way when you gremlin has a momentary freak out.

As for your CDFs, I honestly think the ones you listed are great. I was already thinking that your descriptions of each were super powerful, and then you said, “These resonate with me in a huge way,” which tells me you’ve hit on some really core things here. Will this be the final list that you use forever and ever? Who knows! These may evolve over time, or you might find yourself adding new feelings or letting go of others, and that’s a normal part of the process. But I wouldn’t stress too much over whether these are the deepest level of CDFs you can access. If there are deeper levels of these, they’ll reveal themselves in time. But for now, this list is going to be hugely helpful in determining your next steps.

I’m curious, how much of each of these CDFs are you feeling on a normal daily basis? What are some small things you can do to boost each of these?

Oh and yes, I definitely think you can move on to the money video with the work you’ve already done on your CDFs.

Thanks for sharing your experience so openly and committing to this process. You’re making huge strides already, and we’ve still got plenty to go! 🙂