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I am still working on my CDF’s but I do know that some of them are being met with my current job. The thing with my current job is it provides me with the flexibility, freedom, security, and autonomy that is important to me but the actual work is not engaging or stimulating to me at all. I even fall asleep sometimes. I work by myself in a space smaller than my walk-in closet. I have no one to talk with but I can listen to music. My goal is to work from home but to get to that goal I have to meet a quality and productivity guideline and keep it up and I don’t like that about the job either. I am a Thriver and I have some Fire Starter in me too but I have no desire to start my own business.I feel I am too old to be starting over (I know a limiting belief)and I don’t have any ambition to start over.I hate the thought of even going to an interview! I just don’t know how to apply my CDF’s to my career if I’m a thriver, and with my current job meeting so many of the things that are important to me, how do I change my attitude about the job? It reminds me of the story Kristen tells of her job that had so many nice perks but she hated the job, that is exactly how I am feeling. I originally went into this with the idea of just trying it to see if I liked it and I do like the perks but not the job. I do have a hard time at the thought of taking a lower paying job because it just doesn’t make sense to me. For some reason I have in my head that I should be lucky to have a job and nobody really “likes” their job! I am at the age where I need to save for retirement in the next 10 years and get some bills paid off so I feel like I need to just suck it up. But I honestly feel like I want to crawl out of my skin some days because the job is so monotnous. Other people seem to love this field and have been trying to get a job in it for a long time and I can’t see the reason why other than you can work from home. But I’m begining to wonder if that will make a difference. I just don’t know what the answer is. The jobs that I have had in the past have been eliminated due to technology and the types of jobs I liked involved moving around, having a variety of tasks that I could make my own schedule to get done, working independently but yet having co-workers. I like the feeling of completing something, and I like helping people but not in a customer service type of way where they are going to come to me to complain. I am having a hard time identifying my CDF’s, I think I am thinking too hard. If you can identify any for me from what I have told you that would be very helpful for me.