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Kristen Walker

Amy — Oh man, I SO get fighting your Passion Profile type! I’ve had lots of clients over the years wish they were a different type, and I’ve even felt the same way sometimes. So far, though, I’ve yet to see anyone change their type by sheer force of will (wouldn’t it be nice, though??), so if you’re a Tribe Member — which, I’d say your CDFs also validate that you are — you’re always going to be seeking more connection and fulfillment from your work than a true Thriver would.

The truth is, like Stacey in the comment above yours, you might be a part-Thriver. But it’s pretty clear that you’re primarily (if not fully) a Tribe Member, which means you’re going to need different things from your work or else you’re going to keep being drained, exhausted, and annoyed by work that feels “meh” most of the time. I even feel like you might be happier at a job with less time off than teaching, but doing work you genuinely care about.

So I’m curious … what kinds of daily work do you imagine would light up your CDFs? What kind of work environment/team would you be excited to be a part of? (Keep in mind, we’ll be getting deeper into this in Week 4, where we’re going to have a whole section about “job searching according to your CDFs,” but it’s something to start thinking about.)

I have a feeling you’ll actually start to love being a Tribe Member when you find the right tribe! 🙂