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My CDFs: Immersed, Autonomy, Confident, Close

Immersed: (this one is a giant composite of very different things that provide the same feeling) state of flow, serene, cozi, inspired, engaged, creating, developing new ideas, in nature, certain songs, hot drinks, baths, energized, intrigued, drawn toward, relaxed, optimistic, happy, positive

Autonomy: in control of my time and schedule, do what/when/how I want, not subject to arbitrary rules/schedules/policies set by others, free, independent

Confident: my ideas are not fragile in the face of criticism/questions, I don’t look to others for validation, I know and believe in the value I bring that no one else can bring, authentic, clarity, courage, capable, innovative, integrity, daring, decisive, adventurous, emboldened, empowered

Close: feel connected and love for the people I care about (I don’t need this from my work, only my personal life)