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I just went back over week 1 information and tried the gremlin exercise and I am having a little trouble with it in the sense that I agree with some of what the gremlin is saying. How do I get past that? Also I wanted say that I can totally relate to the person you are talking about in your discussion ( a friend of a friend) who likes their job when they first start but then shortly there after is ready to find another job. I have done that within my organization by changeing positions every few years. If I feel like people don’t like me or if I’m not doing a good job I want to leave. I realized that I haven’t felt accepted by my peers since I was in grade school. I would do anything to be accepted. I never understood why people didn’t like me, I felt I was a nice person. But for some reason they didn’t seem to like me and it was mainly girls. Needless to say I didn’t have many friends and I think that is where my social anxiety stems from. I just assume people probably won’t like me when I first meet them because it seems like that is how it always goes. I guess that is one of my “assumptions”, but it is true. I don’t know how to change these thoughts to being not true when I have had past experiences that say otherwise.