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Rachel East

Hey Amy!

I’m glad that narrowing down your CDFs is showing you where there’s opportunity to get your needs met in the here and now. I’ve known a number of introverted Tribe Members, so it’s good that you’re bringing that up! I think people tend to envision Tribe Members as more naturally extroverted, but they can definitely be either. And an introverted Tribe Member’s desire for connection is just as necessary and valid, though it might get met in a slightly different way than an extrovert would.

And as for the purposeful/interested piece, keep in mind that just because people around you find the mission purposeful or interesting doesn’t mean that you will, or have to. I know that doesn’t solve the immediate problem, but I think a lot of people get hung up on wondering why they aren’t as jazzed about the work as the people around them, and as long as they’re focusing on that, they aren’t able to give themselves permission to let go and let other ideas/opportunities come to them. So, this may not be a problem that needs fixing! It would be perfectly understandable if you just aren’t feeling it.