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Amy M

Thanks Rachel. Working through week 2 definitely helped and identifying some of my core desired feelings has given me more of an idea of what I can do right now in my current situation.

So here are my CDFs:
balanced – calm, structured, organized, consistent, comfortable, allows time for personal hobbies and relationships, provides opportunities for both growth and boundaries within the workplace
engaged – with my inner world, with nature, with personal/deep relationships, with learning, with a team of like-minded colleagues working towards the same purpose
purposeful – connected, meaningful, solving problems and moving forward for the betterment of all
interested – in information, in intellectual growth, in connection with like-minded people, in giving and/or seeking advice or mentorship

Although I am introverted, I definitely prefer working with a team of like-minded people. My inner tribe member shows. I am able to identify ways to achieve balance and engagement in my current work/life situation, but it’s difficult to find ways to feel purposeful/interested. Although many of my coworkers seem to be excited and/or find the job purposeful (as we are helping an underserved population)), I haven’t found it to be purposeful.