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Here are my CDFs

Interested: I want to be curious, excited to learn more about a worthwhile subject or purpose, the way I feel when I go to my favorite museum

Proud: I want to feel good about the work I’m doing and my role in it. I’ll be happy to talk about work outside of work.

Support: I want to be given the tools to do well, to be given the agency and freedom to be effective, to be trusted, to be appreciated monetarily, with words, and in other ways, to be encouraged and helped to grow

Vibrant: to be full of life, fun, being silly, connecting with others, being able to be my true self, bringing other parts of my life into work

Balanced: feeling like work doesn’t take over my health and outside relationships, the ability to have a family, go on vacations, pursue hobbies and interests

Authentic: I don’t have to pretend to be engaged, the work is something I naturally care about, my way of being in the world is helpful and effective to the overall purpose