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I feel like I am all over the place with this forum posting but I couldn’t pass up sharing this experience with the group.

A while back I was listening to old CoF episodes and I heard Rachel (?) endorse Abraham Hicks. I quickly googled his videos and it has been a tab on my phone since then.

Today I listened to a CoF episode and was blown away by this part, so much so that I posted the following on FB (which for me is a big deal since I rarely post):

Resilience is built on the ability to vacillate, allowing yourself to truly grieve what is going on in your life, and the ability to confront the situation and continue to complete the necessary tasks that have to get done in order for life to continue…you have to make room for both. If you stay in one or the other too long you risk either getting bogged down with nothing other than grief and negativity and really just hitting rock bottom and staying there, or you become such a task-master and you never allow yourself to grieve anything that over time, that might work for a little bit, but you are gonna eventually get to this point where something, and it could be a very small thing, sets you off and then all of that stuff you buried comes up, like a storm, like a perfect storm, that you can’t control because you’ve never dealt with all these other things. So you have to allow yourself the opportunity to kinda do both simultaneously and balance the two.
– Interview with Lauren Mowbray
– Clarity on Fire Podcast episode #89, “moving past the worst years of your life,” February 8, 2019

Apparently a college friend who I haven’t seen in years (and with whom I am vacationing in a few weeks) saw it and then DMed me this:

I can give you people to follow or listen to their podcasts, youtube stuff. If you do Kelli Cooper- start from the beginning, I think she has about 180 podcasts (all around 15-20 minutes). For better background, I usually google Abraham Hicks and put it on videos- and listen.

Over I go to the KelliCooper podcast and scroll back to her first episode. Wouldn’t ya know that I was mouth-open surprised when I heard her refer to limiting beliefs and the idea that what and how we think cosmically takes a backseat to how we *feel*.

Mic drop.

Kelli’s podcast episode one: