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Hi all,

I just watched the week 2 live hangout and finished most of my week 2 workbook. Here are my CDFs:

A. Connected (sorry to the Krachel introverts) – being part of a team, the feeling of inclusion into a decision-making environment, being a person who is a “go-to” member of an organization who can help others, feeling like I can approach others for advice or assistance.

B. Authentic – when I know that what I am doing is morally right; when I can stand behind my work and know that it is just and fair; when I can be who I am in the workplace and not feel “too much” by having to hide some parts of myself; an org culture in which people are individuals, not robots.

C. Positive – when I was in the Collections team at DM and at the EFIC in Colombia. The feeling of mutual satisfaction when a job is done well, by a team of people doing their individual parts. Being in an environment in which people are getting what they need, there is little complaining, there is not a lot of humor to cover up disappointments; when the topic or theme of what I’m actually doing is to bring about positive change to people, not like intel when it was negative and boring, or HR which is reactive and protectionist, and rarely has authentic moments in which we can uplift and help employees.

D. Purpose – my work has meaning, it makes a difference, it matters whether or not I accomplish my tasks; also, I am purposeful in that I am intentional and deliberate in matters at work and proactive, rather than reactive. I see this as being related to a mission, I need to connect with the mission and vision of an organization and feel that my being there is purposeful.

E. Grounded – I feel this way when I am fully prepared and trained to do the job, when I feel capable and calm to give my best effort and produce the highest results. I can give the work my full attention if I am grounded and not distracted by things; I feel ready to face the challenges of the day knowing that I have the skills and ability to handle the work and that others around me feel the same about me.

** the part of the “live” (haha) hangout when Rachel discussed her client’s explanation of connected and purposeful really gave me a new understanding of what these two mean to me. In addition to my original definitions above for:
Connected – I want to see and make connections in my work, to analyze and synthesize information and come to a conclusion.
Purposeful – I’ve felt “on the outside” and full of the “I should feel full of purpose in this job/organization/industry” when I really haven’t. I was in the USAF, worked in Education, and in the non-profit world, all very worthy causes that are full of purpose. I have been scratching my head wondering why all these people around me seem energized and inspired by the purpose of their work when all I really feel is…..(crickets) in that way of looking at purpose.

I have two notebook pages filled with ideas of things I can do RIGHT NOW that will help me feel more of these things in my life. For many of them I wrote “keep doing…” or “continue thinking…” – not necessarity new but for me the acknowledgement of the fact that these DO help has impact.

Thank you so much!