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Kristen Walker

JoAnn — I’m sorry to hear you had such a bad day yesterday! If you’re not sure if that’s your sign that you’re not supposed to be in this job, you can always ask the Universe for clarification. As in, “I can’t tell if that was my sign. Can you give me an unmistakable sign one way or another please??”

It’s no wonder you’re feeling stressed at a job that has such an emphasis on accuracy. That’s a lot of pressure! And as a Thriver, pressure is NOT going to be your friend in a job. Most Thrivers I know want a job that has low pressure and high fun & competency. While you can’t change the fact that the job itself comes with the pressure to be extremely accurate, you CAN take a little of the pressure off of yourself while you’re in the training phase. It’s perfectly OK to make mistakes when you’re getting trained! No need to expect perfection from yourself while you’re in training (or really, ever — we’re only human, after all!).

Let us know if you get a clarifying sign about whether this is the right role for you or not!