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Thanks Rachel, that makes sense.

I generally think that I’m smart, that my work is good and that I can figure things out, until I feel that I have to prove that to someone else in a presentation, interview, business meeting, etc and suddenly I lose confidence.

Whenever I create blog posts I think they’re great, until I try to hit the publish button, and then I’m suddenly convinced no one else will agree. I have a similar problem with presentations. Everything is great until I get in front of the audience and suddenly I’m not so sure, which makes me nervous which makes it hard to think, which means the presentation doesn’t go that well. I used to think that doing more preparation and research was the answer so I’d be prepared for whatever came up, but I’ve noticed the more I prepare and practice, the more nervous it makes me and the worse things tend to go. It’s almost like preparing gives my gremlin time to prepare it’s case as well.

Any recommendations for dealing with gremlins when they show up in real time and you need to be 100% on?