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Rachel East

Welcome, Caryn!

Love that you joined us at the buzzer! 😉

I’m sad that The Office gives you anxiety, because it’s such a good show! But I totally get how it would sort of be like PTSD after working in an environment too similar to that, that you never want to experience again if you can avoid it.

I like the fact that you have a longer timeline on figuring things out. Obviously it’d be nice to have more direction well before your daughter goes to college (and I’m sure you will), but the less pressure we can put on ourselves to figure things out in a specific timeline, the better! It gives us room to explore and try things out without feeling the need to commit to any one thing right away.

You definitely married a jackhammer! And it makes sense why his joy would be a little overwhelming. Like, whoa! Am I supposed to feel this way about something, too?? I’m glad you know your experience doesn’t have to look like his!