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Hi- Finally getting around to introducing myself! I am Caryn, I am part of Gen X, a Libra, a Thriver, INFJ (the advocate), Enneagram 9 (Peacemaker) followed by 6…..I have no idea what Hogwart’s House I am in, but my daughter is very partial to the Hufflepuffs- LOL. I am originally from NYC but live in Rhinebeck NY (which is about two hours north of NYC). I am usually a lurker but trying to get out of my comfort zone and saying Hi.

I am Mom to a fantastic girl who is now 13 years old. Now that she is getting older and needs me a bit less, I am trying to figure out my next chapter. Or my first chapter. I have had a small bookkeeping business for the past decade, but it doesnt light me up. It is something I literally fell into. So I am struggling with what to do next. Do I delve deeper and grow the bookkeeping business? Do I get a job? Take up a craft? I feel like I am standing in front of a big road trying to decide to go left or right.

I have never really had a job I liked (My daughter loves the show The Office- and this is probably a very unpopular opinion, but that shows makes me so anxious and nervous. I cannot watch it- I feel like I worked with a version of everyone on the show and is probably why I never want to go work in an office again).

I decided to jump in and join this course (literally at the last minute at 11:45pm) because I am tired of trying to figure this out on my own. I know what I dont want to do, but really dont know what I do want to do. I really want to have something figured out before my daughter graduates high school, so I can deal with empty nest syndrome.

My husband is a professional mariner and travels overseas for work. He can be gone for months at a time. After listening to the podcast this morning, I realized that he is a jackhammer! He has known he wanted to work on the ocean since he was 6 years old. He was a Sea Scout, tried to join the Navy at age 14 and loves his job. I think that is what attracted me to him-his passion makes him soooo happy! But seeing as I am very much a hummingbird, seeing his joy can be a little overwhelming at times.

I have enjoyed reading about everyone and excited to be on the adventure! Now to sort out those gremlins….. 🙂