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Hi, I don’t really have a question but more of a response to the beliefs section. I realized while I was going to school that something wasn’t right, I was feeling off like I was not connecting with anybody and it was making me feel very uncomfortable around people. What I had discovered is that I had anxiety and with that I had alot of gremlins saying lots of things. I almost quit school because of it but I didn’t and I ended up graduating with honors somehow. But once I finished school I was scared that now I had to go out in the world and work and do what I went to school for and I felt I couldn’t do it. I ended up trying different things but I think I would quit because I didn’t feel like I knew what I was doing so before being fired I would just quit. I tried many therapists for my anxiety but I didn’t feel like they knew how to help me, like I was never going to change and that is just the way I am. I know alot of my beliefs and where they come from but I haven’t been able to change them and I am hoping that this course will be able to help me do just that so I can live a less fearful life.