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Rachel East

Hi Stacey,

That’s a great question!

Yes, I think the opposite is totally possible. While I think self-worth/self-confidence are intrinsically wrapped up in each other and one does often imply the other, I’ve also seen plenty of examples with my clients of people who had a more solid footing in one area, but struggled in the other.

In terms of strong self-wort but lack of confidence, I see that trend most often showing up in people who innately know that they’re smart, capable, lovable, etc., but who don’t trust other people to see or acknowledge that. So in that way, their outer confidence can take a hit, because they may try to adapt to what they think someone else wants from them, all the while knowing internally who they really are and what they’re truly worth.

Put in even simpler terms, I think self-worth is often an inner game, and self-confidence is often an external game. Self-worth is what you feel (or don’t feel) on the inside, while self-confidence is what you do (or don’t) project on the outside. I’m open to being wrong about that, but that’s how I see it in my mind, at least!