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Rachel East

Hi Dianna!

Kristen and I have met a lot of teachers over the years, and it’s frustrating to hear about how many of them are burnt out! I feel like it could be possible for people to really enjoy teaching and want to stick with it, but so many end up wanting or needing to get out because of how draining and demanding it is. Though, I will say that I’ve also worked with some clients who are teachers, and we’ve been able to address a lot of that burnout by changing the way they relate to their job. Things like setting boundaries, releasing people-pleasing tendencies, etc., can go a long way toward reenergizing a person!

In a way, it’s comforting to know that you’re not way off in left field. You’ve already found yourself in careers that are naturally aligned with your personality type, which is important! Now it’s just a matter of refining your options and getting clearer about what’s going to fulfill you on the deepest levels. 🙂