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Hello all,

I am so very excited to be a part of this (final!) round of the PPVE. I am not new to the world of self-development but I just started listening to podcasts last year (I know, very late to the game, but hey at least I finally showed up)! Ever since I found “clarity on file” I’ve been flirting with the idea of working more closely with Krachel. I emailed the duo back in October 2019 because I was hoping to take the short course in December and enroll in 1:1 coaching this month. Life happened in a big way and interrupted those plans however, so when I heard the wonderful news about the PPVE I decided to bite the bullet and enroll. So here we are 🙂

In March 2019 my passion profile quiz resulted in “Thriver” and when I re-took it in October my result was “Side-Hustler”

Every time I’ve taken the MBTI I’ve come out with ESTJ

I believe I am an Enneagram Type 8 with a strong 7 wing and 5 stress/security default

My CliftonStrengths results are
1. Activator
2. Strategic
3. Communication
4. Futuristic
5. Woo
with Influencing and Strategic Thinking as the most prominent themes

I’ve taken the DISC at least once…but I can’t find my results (the test was on this thing called “paper” – gasp!)

VIA Character Strengths Test: Fairness, Love, Honesty, Judgement and Curiosity; Humor, Love of Learning, Forgiveness, Hope, and Leadership

Today I listened to episode #187, which happens to be a blog from 2016 that was resurrected, and it, as with many of the CoF podcasts, really resonated with me. Right now I am in the middle of a huge personal, professional and probably spiritual transition and what my life looked like one year ago is drastically different than how it looks today. I have worked in various industries (defense, education, retail, government), in different organizations (large and small, public and private, traditional and progressive, non- and for-profit) and I haven’t ever felt really connected to any of my jobs, save for my time as a soccer referee in high school. I’m currently pursuing a second Master’s degree since I don’t know what else to do. I am done with trying to figure out “what to do with my life” and instead want to figure out what to do NEXT. That seems doable…right? One would hope, yet every time I try to get it right I seem to fall flat on my face emotionally, regardless of how well/poorly I perform at work. Hence why I am here.

I look forward to taking this class with all of you like-minded individuals who are ready to work our a$ses off and who just. want. some. help. please, and thank you 😉