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Hi Everyone,

I am excited to get started. I have nearly completed the Short Course and am looking forward to digging deeper. I am a type 6, Tribe Member/ Thriver – It varies and I am still working it out, I aim to be part of a mission driven organization and thrive on connection. But at the end of the day I am ready to check out and do my own thing. I don’t live to work but am seeking work that is fufulling and makes me feel like I am part of something bigger. I also as I have found out recently hate being tied to a clock.

I came to this course looking to go even deeper. I have been putting in the efforts to know really understand myself better. I have felt life has been happening to me and at times I have really felt lost in what and where I want to be headed. I had dreams out of college that never came to fruition, I wanted to save the world and do everything for everyone, and have spent the last decade trying to get my shit together. I am trying to find my why! My work doesn’t align with me and I feel I have been in a holding pattern blaming things like the economy or thinking that maybe other people just have it figured out or that I am just doomed to mediocrity. So I needed help to get to that next level, trust myself and put myself and my goals first. It’s time to get on with life!