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Hey there!

I’m Casey, a Tribe Member, ISFJ, Ravenclaw, with Enneagram type 4. Rather than be a job hopper, I’ve stayed in a job for 11 years even though it’s never fully satisfied me. I’m support staff, managing operations for a small financial planning firm. I’m good at my job, and I’ve done a lot to grow my role as well as the firm during that time, but I also feel stagnant. Since I do not wish to have my own clients (ie I don’t want anything remotely like a sales job), I can’t move up, although I feel I am more talented than many of the associate advisors. Several years ago I decided that getting my masters in accounting would be the right move – and I still think it might be – but it’s been over a year since I received my degree and I haven’t made a change. (I also got this degree without letting my bosses know, as they will take my leaving personally.) I did apply for accounting/auditing jobs, but only ever got a response back for the one I was overqualified for. I stopped when it felt too much like the standard rat race.

One of my biggest internal conflicts is that I desire prestige in my life – meaning I want a job/life I can proudly talk about – but I’m discouraged by the fact that most of the jobs in my field are helping rich people get richer. If I had another way to pay my bills, I’d volunteer full time instead of a few times per month. I found out about Clarity on Fire through another volunteer, whose son has done individual coaching, and now here I am!