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Hi everyone,

I’m an enneagram type 5/6, thriver/tribe member, ISTJ/ESTJ (yes, I seem to ride the line between two results in these kinds of things often).

My biggest challenge currently is that I’ve kept myself stuck in areas I know aren’t what I want for a long time, but I’m so analytical that I’m forever trying to think about what the next ‘best step’ is for me, which leaves me making no steps. I’ve done career-related programs before and learned about how doing things such as prototyping/trying things is how you figure things out, but then I go back to trying to analyze and put action off, which leaves me having gotten nowhere fast while a lot of time has passed. So, accountability and continued pressure to try things and re-assurance that I’m not a failure are regularly needed!

I decided to sign up for PPVE because I believe in what Rachel and Kristen say, that it’s not about the next job or next whatever else, it’s about finding out what I want and pursuing that. As someone who has always struggled when someone asks me what I want, getting guidance and structure in figuring this out is key. Otherwise, I’ll just keep doing what I always do, sticking with what I know because working towards anything more is hard and is uncertain.

Looking forward to seeing what new things I can uncover with you all in this program!