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Rachel East

Hi Amy!

Welcome back! 🙂 You know, I’m not actually sure that INFJ/Type 9&5/and Tribe Member totally contradict each other. Types 9 and 5 always seem to me to be more introverted, often inwardly focused types. And while you’d think Tribe Members are all extroverts, that’s definitely not the case. I think the “NF” parts on the MBTI often means you’re deeply feeling and empathetic, and that often plays out with other people. I could probably postulate more, but I’m mostly just spitballing here. 😉

I think it’s a cool bit of evolution that you’re willing to accept that your career doesn’t have to be your whole identity, AND it’s perfectly natural to want to feel confident about whatever decision you do end up making. No one wants to feel regret, of course!

I’ll be curious to hear what comes up for you over the coming weeks!