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Amy M

I forgot to mention why I’m here. My job is just a job and comes with a lot of frustrations as the education system is quickly failing. I’ve considered starting a side gig (sewing simple/useful products) or going back to school for a second masters in textile design/fine arts, clinical counseling or library sciences (because why shouldn’t I love what I do right?). When I attempted this course 4 years ago, I was SO DONE with being an SLP after 10 years. Lately from listening to the podcasts, going to counseling, and doing my own self-discovery over the years, I’m leaning towards accepting my career as just part of what [doesn’t even] define me, and investing in my interests and hobbies that give me more fulfillment than anything else, but I’m worried that I’ll regret that decision when I’m further into the career and even more into the challenges of working in education.