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Rachel East

Welcome, Stacey!

Looks like we’ve got a lot of Fire-Thrivers in the house right now, which is cool! And if your ENTP personality is to be believed, it makes a lot of sense why you were motivated to start your own business and have gotten restless and bored throughout your career. Pretty sure the ENTP is known as “The Entrepreneur.” 😉

It MAJORLY sucks when a boss is so toxic that it starts making YOU feel crazy and/or makes you doubt your own abilities. Sounds like gaslighting to me! I’m happy you’re here so that you can let go of that baggage and really enjoy being a thriving business owner.

And it’s a great compliment to hear that we’re able to translate sort-of-out-there stuff and make it palatable to a skeptic! Thanks for sharing that. 🙂