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Hi all!

Looking forward to meeting everyone in the forum.

I am a FireThriver, an ENTP (probably), Enneagram Type unclear – type 5 but not a hermit? Maybe I’ll figure it out by the end of PPVE 🙂

I’ve job hopped for 20 years, switched careers at least 3 times, and have two master’s degrees. I have never understood corporate politics and I can’t be bothered to care. Two years ago I quit my high paying but extremely toxic job in the corporate world and started my own company. I’m struggling to make it work, part of which is just normal for a new company, but I believe the other part is me getting in my own way.

I was never happy in the corporate world but mostly I was just bored and restless. That changed with my last job which was truly the job from hell with Voldemort as my supervisor. I wasn’t the only one he terrorized. I’ve spoken to many others who worked with him who all have similar stories. Over two years later it still impacts my confidence, which has always been a bit of a weakness for me. This is a definite problem as I need to self promote as a business owner.

I’ve been listening to the Clarity on Fire podcast for over a year, and it’s my go to whenever I feel stressed or in need of some enlightenment. Thank you Kristen and Rachel for doing this. I love your approach and how you bring in some pretty out-there ideas and somehow make them seem logical to a super-skeptic like me.

I’m very excited to be here and ready to vanquish some gremlins!