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Hi there,

I’m Julie from France and really happy to be here! 🙂
I’m a INFJ & Firestarter (who would currently love to be more like my easygoing Thriver boyfriend).😬

I used to work in digital communication & content creation, but I’m not sure this is my dream job so I’m taking a break to figure this out.
I am pretty sure the problem is not so much my career, but I find it difficult to find alone why “i’m stuck”. So after reading all Rachel & Kristen’s articles and listening to their podcasts, I thought it was time to take further action and here I am!

A big and sincere “thank you” to you, Rachel and Kristen – your words are fireflies in the dark night. 🙃✨

Looking forward to hear your stories, guys!


P.S: Hopefully I did not (and won’t) make too many grammar and syntax mistakes in english! 🤞