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Kristen Walker

Hi Samantha,

First of all, I’m SO glad to hear that the PPVE gave you so much clarity about what you want career-wise (and just generally life-wise, too!). That’s amazing!

One of the side effects of getting super clear on what you want, though, is exactly what you’re experiencing — impatience! It’s totally normal to be like, “OK, I know what I want, so I’m ready to have it … NOW!” 🙂 Patience isn’t something that humans are particularly good at haha.

I wrote a blog a couple of months ago that might resonate with how you’re feeling right now. It’s essentially about how to be happy with what you have now AND accept the fact that you’re always going to want more. You can read it here — I’d love to know what you think!

I also agree that revisiting your CDFs could be helpful now, too. How can you milk your CDFs in this phase of life, even just a little? How can you joyfully anticipate how they’ll be met EVEN MORE when you have the job, the house, the baby, etc.? Anticipation can feel great, as long as it doesn’t slip into a persistent feeling of lack. Imagine how it feels to anticipate a fun weekend plan or a delicious meal, and see if you can bring that sensation to imagining your future.

You’re clearly on the right track, and now it’s just a matter of letting all the goodness unfold! 🙂

P.S. You just sparked an idea for a podcast episode about impatience, so that might be coming down the pike!