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Hi again,
I hope this is still getting some attention. Just wanted to share good positive news. I’ve been at my new job for a year now. I just got a raise so I’m now making the amount I had set out to make a year ago. Still in a tight budget but that’s because I’m putting more into retirement and my costume project this year was hella expensive. 🙂 The job is definitely still a 10 for me. My manager is great and not as manipulative as my previous job. And I’ve been able to really contribute to the team.

I also dated a few times this year, nothing panned out but overall this was a much more positive year than last.

The anniversary of my cat’s death is coming up, but it’s also the anniversary of the adoption of my new cat Sebastien. (Who is a proper lap cat. He loves to snuggle and sit on me. Which I love!)

Right now I’m taking a leather armor making course online from a guy who does this for film. He mentioned that THIS was his passion. And it made me kind of think back to something. I am not so passionate about one thing as to make it MY thing that I make a career out of. Sometimes I wish I could easily say “cosplay is my passion”…because while it is a passion, I also love writing stories, sewing stuffed animals. I’m also getting into sculpting which is something I’ve struggled with as an artform in the past. I suppose being able to sum up your passion neatly is kind of nice. But me, I just think my passion is creating. I can’t necessarily pick a favorite because it depends on my mood or season in my life.

Anyway, wanted to voice that the lessons I got from the class are still helping me today. And I love reading the blogs that come up too.

Thanks you!