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Hi everyone!

I’m am almost completely finished the PPVE, I still have a few exercises for Week 4 in the workbook to do and a few more bits and pieces in the Dream Job Bundle but I wanted to share my overall update.

I feel mine is quite ‘big picture’ and not super specific, but I wanted to share it’s amazing how much I have progressed in just six weeks. Before the PPVE I had a coaching information session with Rachel, and I remember at that time I felt so stuck and confused. I was thinking of at least six weeks of one on one coaching, but then we settled on the PPVE, with the possibility of 6 weeks of one on one coaching after that.

At the time Rachel told me I wasn’t really that stuck, just confused. It’s funny, I thought I was SO stuck that I would need months and months of coaching to figure it out – and then feared I might still be in the same place once I finished.

Well I’m pleased to say that she was right, I really wasn’t THAT stuck 🙂 I’m still processing a lot from the PPVE, but I feel like it was just what I needed. I even think I don’t necessarily need one on one coaching right now – of course a few months down the track or even later on in the future, there may be things that come up where I feel one on one coaching will be really helpful. But I’m going to trust how I feel, as in if I need one on one coaching, I will know if I need/want it by how it feels. In the same way I knew I had to do something about how stuck I felt earlier in the year and so glad I made that initial call to see what was out there.

Thanks again to both Kristen and Rachel! 🙂