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Rachel East

Hey Molly!

I’m glad those perspectives were helpful to you, and I’m very happy that they made your husband feel better! I think the therapist was well-intentioned, but missed the mark on this one a bit. It’s understandable why she might want to ask questions, considering she likely sees a lot of people who are using video games and TV and other things to numb out and avoid uncomfortable emotions. But that experience may have biased her somewhat (and it could totally be a generational thing too, like you said).

I think your perspective on this–“maybe it will make us think differently or help start a conversation we otherwise wouldn’t have started, but the only ones who can decide what feels right for our lives are the two of us”–is spot-on! At the end of the day, no one else can tell us how to feel about ourselves or what’s “right.” We’ve got to decide that for ourselves. I’m so glad you’re feeling solid in that!

Keep us posted! I’m sure we’ll be curious to hear how you guys end up addressing this with her, if you choose to.