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Kristen Walker

Hey Kate — great question! Rachel already mentioned several great examples of how Fire-Thrivers she knows have found their own balance of flexibility, stability, and autonomy, and a few client examples are popping up for me, too.

I have a Fire-Thriver client who decided to move to a smaller apartment for a year to reduce her living expenses and save up a good amount of money so she could cut back to working just 3 days a week. The other 2 weekdays, she’s working on building a nutrition coaching business that she hopes to eventually do full-time, but she’s in no rush to put pressure on that to pay for her whole life ASAP.

I have another client who quit his full-time job and now is doing part-time remote consulting work while he develops an online brand. He’s also writing children’s stories on the side and hopes to get a few published, but isn’t putting pressure on that to be a huge moneymaker right now (or maybe ever).

Yet another client of mine decided she wanted to get really serious about investing, so she can retire early — like, in her 40s (she’s really into the FIRE movement — Financial Independence, Retire Early) — and have time and money to create whatever she wants after that.

Obviously there’s no right or wrong way to pursue a career as a Fire-Thriver, but hopefully this sparks some of your own ideas!