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Rachel East

Good question, Kate! Well, Kristen and I are both FireThrivers, and you know what we do. 😉 But I will say that I think the way that Kristen and I run our business deserves a mention, because we definitely don’t act like full Firestarters. I think a major Firestarter would likely be way more interested in building an empire of sorts. They’d likely be more motivated to delve into marketing strategies and tactics in order to reach the maximum amount of people. We’re just so bored by that! So our growth is more steady, slow, and organic than anything else. And we’re pretty fine with that! We see having a business as one facet of our lives, not our whole lives.

I’ve got a couple FireThriver clients in mind that I can talk about, and I’ll ask Kristen to do the same! And hopefully a few other FireThrivers will jump in, too. 🙂

I have one client who’s in the process of transitioning from a full-time job to starting her own business doing editing for women in online business. But she’s likely going to have a part-time job on the side, so that she doesn’t feel the immense pressure to force her business to make money right away.

And I had another client who recently got a full-time job working in a support role at a local college. But she sees her job as the vehicle that allows her to do what she really wants, which is write a novel.

Oh, and I have another client who just got out of the military, so she’s taking a pause right now and living with her mom for a time. She doesn’t want to go back and get a traditional job, so she’s exploring the idea of doing a couple things — starting her own organization business (i.e. helping people clean out and organize their crap) and building her own tiny house. She’s also interested in the idea of becoming someone who designs tiny houses and sells the plans to people online so they can build their own, too. And for more consistent money, she’s looking into freelance writing jobs on the side.

I think the possibilities are endless! But I think the big theme is: Flexibility and balance are critical, but NOT at the expense of your peace of mind. It’s really important not to sacrifice stability and security, because then it will be hard to actually focus on the REAL work (i.e. running the business, or writing the book, etc.). Most FireThrivers I know really like the idea of work being a vehicle that allows them to make a difference while living their ideal lifestyle. Whereas a Firestarter might happily work 12-hour days sometimes, because they’re so energized by what they do, a FireThriver is likely never going to want to bust their a** in that way. We want to help people and do something meaningful, but if it’s not also allowing us to have time to live our ideal life, then what’s the point?

Hope this helps! 🙂