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So far the new job is going very well. The parking situation is not great as I still haven’t found a “sweet spot” where I can park during the day without fear of being towed. But they are having a Halloween costume contest so I’ll be able to wear my costume twice.

However, the good news was tinged with a terrible tragedy. After my first week of training, my cat, Lucius, was having some trouble breathing so I took him to the ER Vet on Sunday. I had to make the decision no pet owner wants to make and had him put to sleep. (The alternative was too painful to put him through and would not have improved the quality of his life.) I got to be with him in the end but I am just full of a grief I’ve never experienced before. I had to go to work the next day still. My heart broken and dreading the moment when I’d have to return to my now empty, quiet apartment. Lucius used to come up and greet me with loud meows whenever I came back from work.

Thankfully, former co-workers, family and friends have been pouring out their hearts to me. But I want to stop crying. I get weepy at work at seemingly random times in the day. Tomorrow I have my usual therapy so I should get some help out of that. But…I really hate going into work just because leaving the apartment then coming back to it empty breaks my heart all over again.