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Hey Krachel 🙂
This is a bit of late reply; I’ve had a couple busy/stressful weeks with moving into a new apartment, starting a new semester, etc etc etc. HOWEVER, I just listened to your “Bring Your Own Butterbeer” podcast episode while, yes, sitting in a coffee shop and I am dumbstruck. Side note – are 4$ cappuccinos overpriced? Yes. Do they provide me with unfailing joy and comfort? Yes. Will I keep spending my nonexistent funds on these creamy, delectable cups of comfort? HECK yes. Okay *camera pans back to the host* I think I’m in a version of the matrix crossed with inception or a wacky space-time continuum because I think Rachel is me speaking to me from the future which is the present…or some form of that scenario which is much more realistic. Both of your comments on my previous posts are golden nuggets of wisdom that I am going to file away and reserve for later use because my inquiries were not the questions I needed to be asking at this moment in my life. I keep trying to skip steps and rush things and just get the heck out of dodge because my current situation is uncomfortable, tough to swallow and a constant test of my character… but I’m starting to realize that might not be such a bad thing. One comment you (Rachel) made in the pod that resonated with me was talking about how you’ve come to accept that it’s possible to be content where you are and be hopeful about experiencing a change towards something better in the future.


Seriously needed to hear that today and every day for the past five years.

Understanding that I can’t plan out my future and believing I can’t plan out my future have been diametrically opposed (foes) notions in my head for a while now. Through you guys, your blog posts, podcasts, the passion plan, various self-helpy books, countless personality tests and some beautifully challenging life experiences, it’s finally hit me that I cannot keep rushing through my life just because I’m not satisfied with where I am right now. Speeding through college just to get out, with absolutely no external pressure to do so, just isn’t necessary. Comparison is the thief of joy but impatience is her evil, unassuming twin. I’ll never be happy if I can’t learn to be present. “If happiness always depends on something expected in the future, we are chasing a will-o’-the-wisp that ever eludes our grasp, until the future, and ourselves, vanish into the abyss of death.” Alan Watts was on to something.

As a young woman, starting her 20’s in a place of uncertainty and anxiety, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared out of my mind about the future. So, I guess it’s a good thing we get to choose how we deal with our fears because this next part of my life is terrifying to think about right now, but I can choose to face it and come out the other side with a new stash of life lessons under my belt.

Enjoy your time in Europe, sip a cappuccino or two with a good book at a charming café for me. I’m sending a virtual hug to both of you and sincere thanks.


P.S. Happy Birthday 🙂