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Kristen Walker

Hey Mary,

I think what’s really cool about this is that you put out the strong desire for some forward movement on the job front, and then you immediately got two phone interviews. I know it doesn’t always work out that way, but it’s cool (and validating!) when it does. And, in my opinion, is proof that things are working out for you. 🙂

I’m sorry that your manager is such a bummer. And it’s OK to be frustrated about the nitpicking feedback they gave you! I know it’s easy to say, “Don’t take it personally,” because it often FEELS so personal. But still–so much of what other people say is about them, and their preferences. You’re allowed to nod along and pretend to take them seriously, and then dismiss any feedback that feels unhelpful or just plain unnecessary. And I would totally understand if this feels wrong to you, BUT, you could actually tell them why you don’t ask for feedback. It’s not necessarily wrong to share that you’re open to feedback, but that often the feedback feels (insert your description here…negative, unnecessarily critical, not constructive, etc.). You’re allowed to give feedback on THEIR feedback! Lol.