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Kristen Walker

Hi Mary — It’s totally understandable that you’re not feeling up to getting feedback from a team that rejected you, especially when you don’t want to stay at this company much longer. Sure, they could give some more generalized interview feedback that could be valuable, but it also could be irrelevant and needlessly trigger your gremlin. (I always recommend taking other people’s advice with a grain of salt, anyway.)

I get what your boss is saying, but if it feels this bad to you, then you’re allowed to reject feedback altogether. It’s not a requirement that you ask for / get feedback after an interview, so there’s no reason you need to put yourself into a situation that’s just going to feel bad and not be very helpful anyway.

IF you can go into that meeting with the perspective of, “I’m going to listen to their feedback, but not blindly accept it. I’ll run it all through my internal filter to decide if I think it’s relevant,” then go for it. But if you think it’s not going to be helpful and it’ll just make you resent this place even more, I’d say it’s not worth the energy.

Hope one of the 9/10s you’re looking into works out for you! 🙂