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Thoughts on feedback loops. My manager was pestering me to “chat about following up with the team” that I didn’t get a position with. I asked not to have formal feedback. I refused the meeting with my manager again citing that “I’m not ready for this yet”. Got this email (paraphrased):

Ok. I would encourage you to reach out to (person) and let him know that you want to have a less formal feedback meeting with him once your schedule frees up and you have some time to process the feedback. And ask him if there’s anyone else he thinks you should mention that to.

The actual meetings don’t need to be right now, but I think you should make it clear to anyone who is aware that you rejected the feedback meeting that you aren’t just rejecting feedback altogether, which would potentially hurt future considerations. And you don’t want to put it off so far that nobody can give you actual clear feedback. It happened to (my husband) a couple of times, and it’s maddening since then you don’t have anything you can improve on.

>_> The thing is I kind of am rejecting feedback altogether. And I know on a logical level that this could be good. But I’ve pretty much given up on staying with this company and have contacts with outside companies. Both of which might be 9 or 10 type positions. (One is a writer position for customer support for one of my favorite game companies. ^^)
I’m emotionally shot at this point and probably won’t be back for several weeks. I’ve also started a Keto diet which has been torture today because the company provided FREE COOKIES. ;____;

So part of me thinks, yeah I should talk to them but then I’m like “I didn’t get the job, does learning why really help me? The result is still the same. There’s not going to be a next time.” I don’t want to add to my anxiety and emotional stress.