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Karisa Deculus

Thank you so much for this, Rachel (and Mary!) I’m in a similar place in regards to the job searching, not finding jobs in my salary range specifically. I was on it for a little while but since then I’ve been busy traveling and focusing on other things. I’ve applied for three, one I got a rejection form and the other two are still pending so there’s still hope! It can be pretty tough for me to avoid feeling like I need to push for what I want. A couple of lab techs have just recently announced that they are quitting our team so I’m also a little jealous that they are moving on so quickly. One was with us for just five months, and she mentioned in her interview that she wanted to keep growing, but her growing came a lot sooner than anticipated, haha! I screen shotted the part about outsourcing my problems to the universe, and made it my wallpaper on my phone so I can have a daily reminder of it. I did the exercise with the list titled “universe is my recruiter” and I definitely felt better after I wrote down the things I wanted. I also found a box that held a bunch of negative things that I’d written a while back when I was feeling down in the dumps, and I burned the sheets that had the nasty stuff on them, to help release them. So Mary, I wish for the best for you, and for me too! 🙂