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Rachel East

Hey Mary!

Wow, I’m not surprised you’re stressed by this process. That’s pretty high pressure for an interview! And while it’s totally normal to play it all back in your mind and pick apart how you did, keep in mind that the tendency to do that is coming from a place of believing that you ultimately have the power to screw yourself over. And while I know that most people DO believe that, I honestly don’t. I think if this is genuinely a good fit for you and the team, then making a few flubs won’t be a deal-breaker. I doubt they expect people to sail through that experience with no stumbles. In fact, I bet part of the point is to have you flub up, so they can see how you respond to making mistakes or being unsure of yourself.

If this is right, it’ll work out. And if it isn’t, I’m guessing you’ll have dodged a bullet, even if you can’t see why at first. But from what you’ve told us, you’ve done a really good job! You taught something on the fly, which is NOT easy to do, and you had great rapport with a lot of the people you spoke with. Also, you’re not being as tempted as you might have once been to doubt your abilities. You did a great job just in this post of making a case for why you actually ARE experienced when it comes to managing multiple projects and saying “no.” So for what it’s worth, it’s clear that your confidence is increasing and that you see your own value. That’s a really powerful thing! 🙂