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Back from vacation. I made it to round 2 of the interview which involved the folks I’m interviewing with to call me during my vacation and assign me a project which I present tomorrow. Now, I’m just pissed that half my vacation was spent working around this interview process, doing a project when I NEEDED time away from work to not think about things. The position is a lot about pushing back and saying “no”…maybe I should have done that around my precious vacation time. LOL!

The interview itself went well enough to get me to round 2. The first 4 people I interviewed with I had a great rapport with. I was able to give past examples of ways I fit in this position and express my eagerness for it. The last guy (the head of the department and the guy who originally trained me. We call him coach) really brought the hard, squirm-in-your-seat, raise stress to fever pitch type questions. Basically, like an improv class. (Which I should take at some point). He gave me a hypothetical situation and asked to explain how I’d handle it. I was caught off guard and really didn’t have a good answer. Then he brought out a timer and asked me to teach him something new in 3 minutes. ;_; Luckily, since I’ve been working on a script about sewing machines I was able to parrot back and explain the basics of how a sewing machine works. (Apparently, he liked how I taught.)

He brought up that a lot of this is project management which I admitted was not an area I felt confident bragging about. Really it’s more that he was asking abstract questions and I’m better at the “tell me about yourself” or “give me an example of a time when…” type questions. Abstractly, I haven’t done project management in my mind. But reality, I have plenty of experience in my current role managing multiple projects and saying “no” and pushing back.

Today I had my one-on-one meeting with my manager in which I was complaining a bit about this whole process. She has been to the interview discussion with the team and said she’d have feedback but couldn’t say anything at the moment because the interview process isn’t done. Me being me, I have already analyzed my interview performance time and again. I know where I screwed up and could have done better.

I want to be on this team but the amount of stress this interview process is causing me is bringing me to my limits. I want to give up.
And I need another vacation to make up for this crappy one. -___-